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Do you know for sure you are going to Heaven?

Most people answer this question with a simple: "I hope so."
The Bible says you can KNOW that you are going to Heaven when you die.
The Bible is very clear in its instruction for settling the question of where you will spend eternity.

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There are four things you must know

I Instruction
B Before
L Leaving
E Earth

1.  You are a sinner

The Bible tells us that we are all sinners.  Romans 3:10 states, "There is none righteous, no not one."  This means that no one is righteous, or completely without sin.  Romans 3:23 goes on to say, "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."  Sin is disobedience to God.  Because we have all sinned, we fall short of God's standards of righteousness.

2.  God's penalty for sin is death

Sin carries with it a tragic penalty.  Romans 6:23a says, "For the wages of sin is death....."  This does not mean just physical death, but eternal separation from God: spiritual death.  Romans 5:12 says, "Wherefore as by one man (Adam) sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:"  God requires that man be punished for his sin with eternal death.

The Bible explains that eternal spiritual death is punishment in a lake of fire called Hell.  There is no pardon or parole for sin.  Revelation 20:14,15 states, "And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.  This is the second death.  And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.:

3.  Jesus died to save sinners

While we cannot save ourselves from spiritual death in Hell, Jesus has died to save us from this penalty of sin.  Romans 5:8 tells us that "God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."  Jesus died for us, even though we were sinners, so that we could be saved from the penalty of sin.  Now, because of Jesus' death, we have eternal life available us us.  Romans 6:23, the verse we looked at earlier, goes on to say: "but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."  We cannot earn eternal life, and we do not deserve it, but God has made eternal life available to us because of Jesus' death on the cross.  Now anyone who wants to go to Heaven can do so!!

4.  You can be saved by accepting Jesus' sacrifice for you!

Jesus died for the sins of the whole world.  That means He died for you.  If you will agree with God that you are a sinner in need of salvation, and accept Jesus' death as the payment for your sin, you can be saved today!  Romans 10:13 tells us, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

If you believe that you are a sinner, and you believe that Jesus died for your sins, you can be saved.  Right now, where you are, you can accept Jesus as your Savior.  You can claim the gift of eternal life which He has offered.

Pray to Jesus right now:

"Dear Jesus,

I know that I am a sinner, and that I deserve to be punished for my sin.  I now accept You as my Savior, and I now claim the gift of eternal life.  Please forgive my sins and save me right now.  Amen."

If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, I want to rejoice with you!  I would also like the opportunity to help you learn more about being a Christian and learning to follow Jesus.  Please fill out the form below.  I would like to send you free information by mail.



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