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Mark 16:15

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We are happy to make the following available to help you in your Personal Evangelism efforts to
reach the lost and and bring them to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

         Eternity DVD     Gospel Tracts 


Scripture Tract Cards

Scripture Tract Cards are great for handing out, inserting in envelopes
when paying bills, placing in magazines in waiting rooms, etc.
The places you can leave Gods Word is endless.
Cards can be personalized on the reverse.
Call for personalizing details
(813) 765-6319

Cards are available in two sizes
2.5" x 3.5"  or  5" x 7"

All cards are printed on premium presentation high gloss paper and
sold in packs of 24 for $4.25 for 2.5"x3.5" and $7.50 for 5"x7"
FREE shipping in the continental US only

More cards are coming so check back often.

Specify card # if calling in order
or use Pay Pal button below each card

#Gal. 2:20
Calendar Card


#Gen. 1:16
Calendar Card


#Matt. 7:13-14
Calendar Card


#10 Commandments

Calendar Card

Calendar Set 2012
Gospel Tracts
New for 2014

One Way and Only One

This Gospel tract is printed on premium matte paper and folds to 3.75"x6" size to fit in shirt pocket or purse.
Just the perfect size to slip in and envelope when sending bill payments, placing on car windshields, placing in magazines
in medical offices, leave with tips at restaurants or just handing to individuals you come in contact with.  The ways you can
distribute Gospel tracts is unlimited.

They are priced in quantities of 20 or $4.75 postage included.

Call to place order or click to use pay pal

Gospel Tract-Heaven

Front Cover

Inside Pages

Back Cover

Outside of Tract when unfolded

Inside of Tract when unfolded

This Gospel Tract is designed
to be folded as a tent card.

It can be left on a table in the restaurant
along with the tip following your meal.

Include it with your payments you mail.

Hand it out to people you meet.

Use it for presenting the Gospel message
during a one on one casual conversation.

Use your imagination and the opportunities
are endless.

Sold in packs of 25 for $7.50
FREE shipping in the
continental US only

Born Again Track

Add your name, church name, address,
phone number, or website
Call for personalizing details
(813) 765-6319

Eternity DVD

Click here to view the DVD

Click here to order a copy of the Eternity DVD


Personal Evangelism Seminars
The four hour seminar is taught by "You Can Tell It!" certified instructor
To schedule a seminar in your church or group
call (813) 765-6319 and ask for John

There is also a thirteen week course available to be taught
during the Sunday School hour.  For details call (813) 765-6319



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